Bring Your Ride to Adventure Off-Road for Dream Customization

When you want to explore Orange County and beyond, your vehicle stands out as the perfect ride for reaching the beaches, mountains, and deserts. Need to do some serious climbing, water fording, and off-roading? Then upgrade your baby with aftermarket parts and accessories from Adventure Off-Road. We are dedicated to creating your ultimate vehicle with an assist from knowledgeable product enthusiasts and experienced installers. Check out how we can modify your vehicle be it a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator, Ram truck, Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, or GMC Sierra.

Do you need a lift?

Off-roaders made by major manufacturers offer a selection of suspension choices and high ground clearances for traversing challenging ground. But when you want to conquer the most difficult trails, you may need a lift kit that raises your entire vehicle from a gentle one-inch to a vigorous six-inches. Two kinds are available:

  • A body lift kit puts taller spacers and bolts between the frame and body but doesn’t change the suspension geometry. It allows for bigger wheels and tires but keeps the suspension geometry intact.
  • A suspension lift replaces nearly everything, such as shock absorbers, leaf springs, trailing arms, and control arms. It can also affect driveshafts and steering components. This type improves ground clearance and suspension articulation while also allowing for bigger tires.

We can recommend kits that are tailored to your style, so you not only get better off-road performance, but also improve the looks of your vehicle. The right parts look like they were forged with your vehicle as they deliver better break over, approach, and departure angles. We can assist you in picking out the right system for your needs. And if nothing on the market suits your spirit, we’ll customize a system just for you.

How do you change the look of your ride?

You don’t want to choose a new set of tires simply because they look good. You want to start by asking what you want to do with them? Not all tires are created equal. They’re made for specific terrains and driving conditions. The best approach is to figure out the most extreme conditions your tires will face. Are you planning on exploring the high desert, running through mud, or hitting winter slopes?

  • If you’re mostly commuting to work on the highway with a few mud runs out of state, then an all-terrain tire is best for you.
  • If your rig mostly crawls rocks and only rarely goes on paved roads, you want specialized tires with aggressive lugs that grab onto the terrain and bias-ply construction for more sidewall strength and puncture resistance. While you can use them on the freeway, they might be a lot noisier than you’d like.

We help you pick your best type of tire, right down to the tread pattern, load rating, and material. We also recommend tire sizes. Upsizing gets you more ground clearance and sidewall strength. But those 35-inch wheels can affect fuel efficiency, and you don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Naturally, you’ll need matching rims or wheels to improve safety and minimize tire wear.

Are you looking for more?

What we can do to improve your all-terrain exploits is limited only by your imagination.

  • Are your early-morning desert runs afflicted by too much fog and dust? Amber-colored lighting can cut through all that interference without reflecting the glare back to blind your eyes. If you like to run the trails at night, shine a light on where you’re headed with a light bar that handles LEDs. You’ll be even more visible with animated sequences on your turn signals and parking lights.
  • Want to ramp up the power available to your engine? Then install a relatively inexpensive cold-air intake outside the engine compartment, away from the motor’s heat. The intake can then suck cooler air into the combustion chamber. Because that air is denser, it delivers more oxygen, which increases efficiency and power. If you’re into wading through water, you’ll need a snorkel kit to bring in clean air from above the water line and stop any liquid from entering the engine.
  • Do you like to head for the farthest and roughest reaches of any trail, far from any gas pump? A relatively inexpensive cat-back exhaust system maxes out fuel economy, horsepower, and torque. It modifies your stock exhaust with a larger-diameter mid-pipe, muffler, and tailpipe that are more efficient, plus your emissions don’t change because the catalytic converter stays as is. As a bonus, the new system typically weighs less, improves exhaust flow, and roars louder.

Write down what build you’re looking to create for your vehicle and bring it to us. With multiple locations in Orange County, Adventure Off-Road is here for you. Let’s make it happen.