Directions to Adventure Off Road in Tustin

You can easily take your stock vehicle to any of the attractions of Tustin, located in Orange County, California, for a bit of a make-over.

  • Pack up all the kids in your Jeep Wrangler and head to Citrus Ranch Park, where you can stroll through a lemon grove and climb to the Pagoda at the top for views of the local area.
  • If you’re out and about shopping for a lot of fruits, prepared foods, and flowers, visit the Tustin Farmers Market on Wednesdays, and load everything into the bed of the Jeep Gladiator.
  • Find out how classic cars of the past compare to your up-to-date Ram truck by visiting the Marconi Museum, which shows off American muscle cars, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris, among other models.

But if you’re looking to conquer some off-road trails around the OC, you may need to upgrade your SUV or truck with beefier gear. You’ll find what you need at Adventure Off-Road.

Conveniently Close

Coming to us from the center of town takes less than eight minutes:

  1. From El Camino Real, head east on East Main Street.
  2. Stay in the right lanes so that you can follow the slight turn into Bryan Avenue.
  3. Turn right at Tustin Ranch Road and then make a left on Auto Center Drive.

You’ll find us on the left at 5 Auto Center Drive. Suite A, in Tustin.

Defining Your Drive

To recommend the best equipment for your vehicle, our upgrade enthusiasts will ask you some questions.

  • Where do you plan on taking your next off-road adventure? Whether you crawl through rocks or speed through desert dunes, you’ll encounter all kinds of broken ground and tall obstacles. To conquer them all, you can increase your ground clearance with one of our lift or suspension kits.
  • What terrain will you cross? Mud, rock, sand, and asphalt all require different sizes, tread patterns, and load ratings for your tires. We’ll help you understand your best options and how custom wheels can transform the look of your mechanical beast.
  • Will unexpected hazards attack you? Then protect the integrity of your vehicle with rocker armor, skid plates, bumpers, and fenders.
  • How much driving will you do after sundown or in bad weather? Maintain your visibility with our spotlights, brackets, light bars, and headlamps.
  • Could you bog down in a mud pit or remain at the bottom of a rocky hole? A heavy-duty winch can pull you out of trouble. It also extends your help to other off-roaders.
  • Do you want to improve your performance? If you ford the water, a snorkel kit can prevent your engine from flooding. Should you need to extend your fuel range, a cat-back exhaust system can boost your miles per gallon.
  • Do your trail runs go beyond what we carry? Then we can customize a specific build just for you.

Whatever you choose, we’ll also take care of the installation.

Riding the Trail

You can’t know how much your off-road performance has improved until you ride the trails. Here are a few suggestions.’

Maple Springs Road

Located less than an hour east of Tustin, Maple Springs Road runs 6.7 miles up to the 4,850-foot top of Saddleback Mountain. You’ll be able to see the sunset around the SoCal Coast all the way to Catalina Island. You’ll need an Adventure Pass, which you can buy at the trailhead visitors center on the weekends.

North Main Divide Road

Slightly over an hour away east, the North Main Divide Road takes you into the Cleveland National Forest to the 5,690-foot elevation of the Santiago Peak Lookout for a total of 12 miles. While the route is considered easy, it is steep in spots, and trees occasionally come down across the trail after a fire.

Old Dale Road

You may want to block out an entire day for the Old Dale Road because it’s almost three hours away in Joshua Tree National Park. It then takes at least three hours to traverse the nearly 26 miles across flatlands and up to 2,446 feet. Take time to admire the alien-looking foliage that dots the terrain. Many of the Joshua trees are 40 feet high and about 150 years old.

San Gabriel Canyon Off-Highway Vehicle Area (OHV)

The San Gabriel Canyon OHV excites only about an hour north with over 160 acres of sandy and rocky river bottom. It’s open on the weekends and major holidays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, when all visitors must exit. Because of its popularity, this OHV demands a timed ticket reservation.

Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA)

Traveling to the northwest for two hours to the Hungry Valley SVRA rewards you with over 130 miles of trails and 19,000 acres for all skill levels. This SVRA’s elevation from 3,000 to 6,000 feet means that you may even hit snowfalls during the winter. Beginners can have fun in the Native Grasslands Management Area, while experts can try the sand washes and hills in the back-country section.